Slow Down!

This tweet by Greece’s triple jumping Olympic Games hopeful go her kicked out of the Olympic Games before she could make one hop, skip or jump.



This tweet by a Swiss soccer player got him sent home before he could finish out the Olympic Games.





I won’t bother translating because I don’t need to perpetuate the ugliness. But suffice it to say that the sentiments expressed by these two in their tweets are bad in any language. Inexcusable, in fact.

Both lost an Olympic Games dream for stupidity, ignorance and mean-spiritedness…all thanks to their itchy Twitter finger. Social media, but not social responsibility or awareness.

A great result from Social Media like Twitter is that we can express our views real-time, making communications exciting, timely and relevant.

The bad new is that we seem to have become a society of trigger-happy Twitter senders. In our effort to share our immediate thoughts, impressions and opinions, we are losing our ability to think before we speak…whether it’s speaking through the written, spoken or posted word.

Back in the old days, we were told to let a letter sit for a day before we sent it, so that we could take the time to make sure we are saying what we want to say, not just sending something off in a huff of excitement or ire. Now we seem to be in a race for who can post first.

Let’s meet somewhere in between. Before you hit send, before you tweet, read what you wrote. Look at it critically and make sure you really want to say what you’re saying. With Social Media, there is no private communication. What you send is there for the world to see…and judge. And just because you take it down later doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.  Assume your tweet will be immediately  screen captured and saved for posterity.

The Social Media bell cannot be unrung. So just slow down and think before you send.


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