Do Your Homework!

How tempting is it to try to slide by on half-effort? What if I could skim through the book and still get an A on the book report? What if I could glance at the reference resources and think I got enough of the gist of the material? At least enough to bluff my way through, or at least sound like I know what I’m talking about.

You could. You probably have. I’d like to think in the long run, it will catch up with you.

It did in these two stories. Lack of preparation leads to inexcusably bad communication.

One is a nationally recognized talk show personality interviewing a famous comedian on a highly ranked national morning talk show. High visibility all around. What a lovely and personal gesture it was for the interviewer to talk to the comedian about his wife. In fact, waxing poetic about what beautiful marriage they have and how many years they’ve been together. Could have been a beautiful part of the segment. Expect that the wife had passed away 18 months earlier from cancer. How does she not know that? How does one not read the basic milestones of someone you’re interviewing?  Do your homework!

Yesterday I was listening to the radio where the talk show host…who touts himself as a rock star in the business world…had a guest, whom he was touting as a businessman of significant note. However he kept getting the guest’s company’s name wrong. He kept getting corrected and he kept getting it wrong. How is that possible? You’re the talk show host, he’s the guest, here on your invitation about his expertise, and you can’t get his company right? And you keep getting it wrong? Do your homework!

Preparation is key in doing well in whatever task you’re facing. You will serve your clients better if you know them better. You will make your teachers happier if you are prepared.  It will only serve your best interests to have the reputation of one who is prepared, who has an understanding of the subject and is informed. Your communication will have no depth if you have no substance.

Do your homework!

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