Strategy Matters

What in the world is Glenn Close talking about?

“Hi, this is Glenn Close. Have you ever cut off ties with a friend who has cancer? Or were frightened by a person with diabetes because you assumed he was violent? Welcome to the world of mental illness. For the 1 in 4 people with mental illness, the stigma and discrimination can be as painful […]

Do Your Homework!

How tempting is it to try to slide by on half-effort? What if I could skim through the book and still get an A on the book report? What if I could glance at the reference resources and think I got enough of the gist of the material? At least enough to bluff my way […]

Can You Plagiarize Yourself?

Slow Down!

This tweet by Greece’s triple jumping Olympic Games hopeful go her kicked out of the Olympic Games before she could make one hop, skip or jump.     This tweet by a Swiss soccer player got him sent home before he could finish out the Olympic Games.         I won’t bother translating […]

Why Grammar Matters

To paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning: How do I communicate with thee? Let me count the ways. According to aforementioned Liz, she loved to the depth and breadth and height that her soul could reach. That about sums up our communication possibilities. The depth, breadth and height to which we can climb in order to get […]