University of Southern California: Community Health Involvement Project

Creating a plan to publicize community outreach that spans traditional and new media.

USC CHIP is a student organization whose mission is to provide underserved communities around USC with basic health screening services and information about prevalent yet preventable health problems.

One of the group’s main activities is their annual community health fair, where the goal is to bring in as many families from the surrounding USC community in order to provide healthcare screenings, services and information to a group that is often without any access to health care.

We created materials for both traditional and new media coverage that spanned a wide array of channels in order to hit a diverse audience. We created news releases, fact sheets, advisories and other informational material in multiple languages. In addition, we formatted a website to impart the energy of the group as well as the information a more technically involved audience would engage in. The outreach bridged the worlds of old and new media.


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