Southern California Gas Company

Developing a methodology to help ensure employee efforts unmistakably support business objectives and highlighting the need for clean, concise writing.

Southern California Gas is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility with 20.9 million consumers in more than 500 communities and thousands of employees.

The need for speed and detail in communicating the accomplishments of a large workforce can lead to an overwhelming amount of information being passed on with the thought that more is better in terms of imparting the details of the work that goes into a job function or project.

To better streamline communications, I developed a writing workshop that not only addressed the mechanics of writing, but also made sure the reports being generated were accomplishing clear goals that were supporting the department and company objectives, as well as communicating the efforts and successes of the employees.

My objectives were two-fold:
1. Get employees thinking about the core mechanics of good writing:
2. Get employees thinking about how their writing advances the success of themselves, the department and the company….everything produced needs to support a core objective and should be written to clearly demonstrate it.

I developed a new template by which employees would be able to clearly and concisely communicate their accomplishments in ways that unmistakably support specific company objectives.


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